SCACE 2023 Conference Schedule

Wednesday,  May 17, 2023

1:00p – 5:00p                          Registration and Check-in | Explore Columbia 

1:00p – 4:00p                         Employer Visit at Capgemini (optional) – registration required. (Tour times are at 1p, 2p, and 3p)

4:30p – 5:00p                          New Member Welcome & Orientation

5:00p – 7:00p                          President’s Reception

7:00p - Until                             Dinner on own or in groups

Thursday,  May 18, 2023

7:00a - 8:00a                          Breakfast and networking

7:00a – 12:00p                      Registration and Check-in

7:00a – 4:00p                          Vendor Showcase

8:05a - 8:20a                         Welcome to the Conference: Heather Turner, SCACE President

8:25a – 8:35a                          Welcome to SC: SC Chamber of Commerce

8:45a – 9:50a                          Kick-off Speaker: Dr. Scott Dell, “AI Chatbots like ChatGPT are  Changing the World”

10:00a – 11:00a                      Breakout Session #1: Employer Panel. "Effective Collegiate Recruitment"

11:10a – 11:40a                      SCACE Annual Business Meeting (Professional awards, board nominations, news)

11:40a – 12:45p                      Lunch/Networking

1:00p – 2:00p                          Breakout Session #2A: McNair Institute for Entrepreneurism & Free Enterprise, “So you want to be an Entrepreneur? Advising Students”

                        Breakout Session #2B: Employer Roundtable: “Talent Acquisition Best Practices & Trends” (Employers Only)

2:10p -3:10p                           Breakout Session #3A: Dr. Zo Sediqi, “Social Capital: Helping Students Build Social Capital

                        Breakout Session #3B: Sarah Butler, Supporting Student Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs to Reach their Career Goals”

3:20p - 4:20p                          Breakout Session #4A: Tom Terez,“ Using Process Improvement to Build Stronger Teams”

                        Breakout Session #4B: Lindsay Bartholomew, Experiential Major Maps, Aiding Student Career Development

4:20p - 4:45p                          Group Energizer Activity, Nina Grant

6:00p                                            Dinner on your own or in groups

Friday, May 19, 2023

7:00a – 8:15a                          Breakfast and Networking

8:150a – 8:30a                        Welcome to Columbia, Columbia Chamber of Commerce 

8:30 a – 8:50a                         Wellness Activity, BCBSSC

9:00 a – 9:50 a                        Breakout Session #5A: Jim Allison, “Financial Wellness Initiatives, weaved into the Career Center Fabric”

                        Breakout Session #5B: Dr. Flavia Eldemire “Changing Your Lens: Caring for First-Generation College Students”

10:00a - 10:45a                     Final Session: Directors Panel, “Leading Today’s Modern Career Center from Multiple Perspectives”

10:50a                                         Conference Feedback

11:00a - 11:15a                     Final Closing from SCACE President Heather Turner & President-Elect Nina Grant/Depart

11:15a – 12:00p                    SCACE Board Meeting

12:15p                                         Tour Anne Frank Center at USC College of Education (optional)

If you are interested in presenting at the conference this year, we are currently accepting proposals. Please submit your proposal here. 

We hope to see many of you in May as we focus on collaboration across the state!


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