2023-2024 SCACE Executive Board Open Positions

Please take a few minutes to nominate enthusiastic SCACE members that you think will be committed to helping the organization continue to grow. Please include each nominee's name and college or company, even if you are nominating yourself. You can nominate different people for one or more positions. (There is also the option to express interest in serving on a committee.)

Those nominated for a position will be contacted to confirm if they would like to be included on the ballot. Voting will take place at our Annual Conference in May and possible the weeks following if we don't have enough in attendance.

Deadline for submissions will be May 19, 2023 with a possible extension to be announced at the conference. 

Available Positions & Duties:


    • Perform all duties of the President in his/her absence or at his/her request
    • Assist the President with reviews of any Board decisions along with the Past President
    • Serve as President until the next annual election if that office becomes vacant
    • Assist Special Event Co-chairs with conferences and special event planning and coordination as needed
    • Chair the Nominating Committee for upcoming Board positions
    • Assume the office of President at the conclusion of his/her term as
    • President-Elect, thereby succeeding the current President
    • Coordinate the annual Board Retreat in the summer he/she becomes President

      MEMBERSHIP CO-CHAIR (2 Positions Available)
      • Develop and implement recruiting efforts for the association for all levels of representation (full and associate)
      • Lead database management, contact info updates, and membership renewal
      • Update the Correspondence Officer and Communications/Technology Officer with new member contacts
      • Serve on the Executive Board and chair the Membership Committee
      •  2 year appointment

      • Manage the coordination and execution of (2) drive-in conferences, regional events (ie. happy hours, luncheons, socials), and professional development opportunities (ie. webinars, tweet chats, site visits) for membership
      • Delegate tasks to College and Employer at Large Officers and Committee members/volunteers
      • Develop/monitor budget and expenditures with SCACE Finance Officer
      • Work with Communications Officers to market the events to the membership and external audiences
      • Assist other Special Events Co-Chair when needed
      • 2 year appointment – after he/she completes the first year in the Member Engagement role he/she will transition to the Annual Conference planning role during the second year


      • Handle website maintenance and make updates on the site to pages including but not limited to events, membership, and photos, as needed
      • Manage social media accounts posting 3-4x a month and/or sharing post from schools, employers, or organizations such as SoACE and NACE
      • Work in collaboration with the Communication Office (Marketing/PR)
      • Serve on the Executive Board and co-chair the newsletter and technology committee
      • 2 year appointment


      • Represent the interests of the membership and serve as deliberating body on issues of discussion brought before the Board
      • Attend all Board meetings and SCACE events when possible
      • Serve on appointed standing and ad hoc committees
      • Assist with planning of the Annual Conference, Drive-ins and other programs as needed
      • 2 year appointment

      To nominate someone, or yourself for one or more of the above positions, please click  HERE

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